摇滚唐人街 - 汪苏泷

[00:00.000] 作词 : 任盈洁/王家杰 [00:01.000] 作曲...
[00:00.000] 作词 : 任盈洁/王家杰
[00:01.000] 作曲 : 王宗贤/下川和己
[00:19.450]Chinatown, a world full of dreams
[00:21.590]But opportunity isn’t as easy as it seems
[00:23.900]You gotta rise up to the extreme and work like busy bee
[00:26.890]Channel all your energy to fulfill your fantasies
[00:29.160]City lights, what a sight crawling over the night
[00:31.260]Shaped like bright fireflies and dragons with a bite
[00:34.100]This is Chinatown nothing here is black or white
[00:36.530]Fireworks ignite, this is a city that excites
[00:38.860]Welcome to my world, Chinatown! (唐人街!)
[00:44.050]各个是高手, 又怎样? (唐人街!)
[00:48.890]要世界转我的方向 (唐人街!)
[00:53.710]火力全开吶喊着梦想 (唐人街!) 向前闯
[01:08.520]Working long nights but I’m acting brave
[01:10.850]I am in charge of the road I pave
[01:13.260]It’s time for me to complete this race
[01:15.710]Finish out the day strong in first place
[01:18.350]Here I go again in Chinatown doing my daily grind
[01:20.650]Daily climb up to my apartment stairs I don’t mind
[01:23.080]I just hope its a sign that if I try I will find
[01:25.580]A place like this all the time
[01:26.780]Everywhere, in all mankind
[01:28.340]Welcome to my world, Chinatown! (唐人街!)
[01:32.800]各个是高手, 又怎样? (唐人街!)
[01:37.780]要世界转我的方向 (唐人街!)
[01:42.550]火力全开吶喊着梦想 (唐人街!) 向前闯
[02:07.420]If you feel lost or torn apart
[02:09.720]If you need to depart for a fresh start,
[02:12.220]If you need to move to a new city
[02:14.600]If you need to find a new committee, ask
[02:19.730]Welcome to my world, Chinatown! (唐人街!)
[02:24.200]各个是高手, 又怎样? (唐人街!)
[02:29.290]要世界转我的方向 (唐人街!)
[02:34.100]火力全开吶喊着梦想 (唐人街!) 向前闯
[02:39.100]Welcome to my world, Chinatown! (唐人街!)
[02:43.890]胆敢小看我的力量? (唐人街!)
[02:48.850]快放手一搏, 別傍徨 (唐人街!)
[02:53.690]越战越勇气魄震全场 (唐人街!) 向前闯