Rhythm Of The Rain - 邓丽君

Rhythm Of The Rain-邓丽君.mp3
[00:16.44]Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain...
[00:16.44]Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain
[00:21.59]Telling me just what a fool I’ve been
[00:26.30]I wish that it would go
[00:28.37]and let me cry in the rain
[00:31.35]And let me be alone again
[00:36.54]The only boy I care about has gone away
[00:41.90]Looking for a brand new start
[00:46.72]But little does he know
[00:48.92]that when he left that day
[00:51.97]Along with him he took my heart
[00:57.22]Rain please tell me now does that seem fair
[01:01.88]For him to steal my heart away
[01:04.27]when he doesn’t care
[01:06.46]I can’t love another
[01:08.94]when my heart’s somewhere far away