Goodnight-Foreverinmotion Goodnight - Foreverinmotion

[00:18.25]Sometimes I almost forget these weary bo...
[00:18.25]Sometimes I almost forget these weary bones.
[00:26.51]Watching children play in the park
[00:30.27]Under these old familiar trees.
[00:34.47]They help me feel the glow of my youth.
[00:42.83]So many years have fallen between that boy
[00:47.44]And this ghost I am to you.
[00:51.52]It's a bittersweet closing of the blinds,
[00:59.58]Where the sunlight cast upon the world
[01:04.31]dims on the inside.
[01:07.91]And all the pieces that once made up who you are
[01:16.13]Fade with the darkness of each love who dies before.
[01:24.65]Look at me.
[01:26.89]I'm a lifetime of memories.
[01:33.50]Looking back so far, so longingly
[01:37.61]At you my darling.
[01:41.58]You're so beautiful in this photograph.
[01:45.47]In every moment we ever saved.
[01:49.60]And you were beautiful when you said goodbye
[01:54.56]three years ago today.
[02:02.10]When you're young, you never believe the story ends.
[02:10.79]That you'll one day out-live your fairytales
[02:15.23]And lay to rest your dearest friends.
[02:19.39]Tomorrow was my crutch and it collapsed under the weight
[02:27.25]Of all the things I never said before it was too late.
[02:37.20]Summer is over and now I feel it in my bones.
[02:44.37]Alone in the dark.
[02:48.55]Alone in the cold.
[02:52.78]The sunlight is a candle
[02:56.71]Dieing down in the quiet sky.
[03:01.80]Goodnight dear world.
[03:03.13]Goodnight old trees.
[03:05.70]Goodnight, and goodbye.