Equally Flawed - Caligula's Horse

Equally Flawed-Caligula's Horse.mp3
[00:00.000] 作词 : Jim Grey/Sam Vallen [00:01.000]...
[00:00.000] 作词 : Jim Grey/Sam Vallen
[00:01.000] 作曲 : Jim Grey/Sam Vallen
[00:25.06]His figure benighted
[00:27.14]By revelation on his face
[00:30.85]Beyond all refutation
[00:34.97]And I understand his intentions
[00:38.70]But don't say a word
[00:43.02]His smile it's hiding
[00:45.29]A purpose veiled
[00:48.39]Beyond my comprehension
[00:51.36]Subtle condescension
[00:53.76]I let him walk inside
[01:17.65]We're all born equally flawed
[01:20.10]Into a world of closed doors
[01:24.71]This we accept despite question or reason
[01:28.51]To save our souls
[01:32.45]But I won't take your force fed dogma
[01:39.43]I don't want mindless conjectures
[01:42.31]On nature's objectives
[01:45.06]My mind won't adhere to your silence
[02:42.49]You see the world without flaws
[02:44.98]It's a lie without cause
[02:49.61]Insignificant when all's said and done
[02:52.94]But it's no less inspiring
[02:57.26]And I don't care how you say god loves
[03:05.10]Laws will remain
[03:07.27]And will forever
[03:10.01]Until the universe contracts again
[03:16.94]He needn't exist for the world to be