When the Darkest Night Falls - Eternal Tears of Sorrow

When the Darkest Night Falls-Eternal Tears of Sorrow.mp3
[00:56.74] [01:19.16]See through my eyes, my visio...
[01:19.16]See through my eyes, my visions, my dreams
[01:20.47]You're misled, but now you will learn
[01:24.30]This world is insane and so dead to me
[01:28.00]Through the ancient wisdom you shall find this peace
[01:32.08]Chaos and hatred, but my mind is at rest
[01:52.10]No doubt, no fear, let the dead bury the dead
[01:56.09]My heart is now burning, but eyes are so cold
[02:00.03]I master my mind, with the secrets I hold