Ben - Michael Jackson

Ben-Michael Jackson.mp3
[00:00.48]Ben - Michael Jackson [00:14.81]Ben, th...
[00:00.48]Ben - Michael Jackson
[00:14.81]Ben, the two of us need look no more
[00:21.61]We both found what we were looking for
[00:28.98]With a friend to call my own
[00:33.78]I'll never be alone
[00:37.12]And you my friend will see
[00:40.72]You've got a friend in me
[00:49.91]Ben, you're always running here and there
[00:56.96]You feel you're not wanted anywhere
[01:03.92]If you ever look behind
[01:08.67]And don't like what you find
[01:12.16]There's something you should know
[01:15.83]You've got a place to go
[01:24.65]I used to say
[01:28.53]我以前常说 :
[01:28.53]I and me
[01:31.84]Now it's us
[01:35.380005]Now it's we
[01:38.79]I used to say
[01:42.83]我以前常说 :
[01:42.83]I and me
[01:46.21]Now it's us
[01:49.729996]Now it's we
[01:53.43]Ben, most people would turn you away
[02:00.47]I don't listen to a word they say
[02:07.53]They don't see you as I do
[02:12.09]I wish they would try to
[02:15.76]I'm sure they'd think again
[02:18.9]If they had a friend like Ben
[02:28.09]Like Ben
[02:36.35]Like Ben