I Want To Believe - $uicideboy$

I Want To Believe-$uicideboy$.mp3
[00:07.54]***** boy back up off me before you catc...
[00:07.54]***** boy back up off me before you catch these hands
[00:10.98]You're in the pit
[00:11.89]Don't give a **** and off a couple tabs
[00:14.72]Extend my fist and bust his lip
[00:16.74]**** no I can't relax
[00:18.51]Put on my mask and rob the trap just so I can relapse
[00:23.82]Coming to end your ****ing life
[00:26.41]Straight out the fire to terrorize
[00:28.80]Look in my eyes
[00:30.08]This your demise
[00:31.39]****boys going to die
[00:34.06]Straight out the wild
[00:35.38]Bound for the mile
[00:36.58]$lick the mortified
[00:39.16]The devilish child with a crooked ass smile
[00:41.80]Welcome to the night
[00:45.54]Grey blade
[00:46.35]Grey camo rag wrapped around my face
[00:49.13]Yung Plague dodging ammo
[00:51.19]Animal instinct to erase
[00:53.06]Dragon ashing blunts in my ****ing talons
[00:56.05]Grab 'em
[00:56.56]Drag 'em to the fire
[00:57.68]Let 'em burn up
[00:59.39]We ignite 'em
[01:01.16]Plague robbing grave
[01:02.63]Laced blunts with ****boy brains
[01:05.27]Plague up in flames
[01:07.64]Let the ash rain
[01:09.01]Ash king reigns
[01:10.48]Plague so ****ing insane
[01:12.67]Don't touch my ****ing lane
[01:15.50]Don't brush my ****ing mane
[01:17.97]Go tuck your ****ing chain