Dangerous (Early Version) - Michael Jackson

Dangerous (Early Version)-Michael Jackson.mp3
[00:56.96] The way she came into the place I knew...
[00:56.96] The way she came into the place I knew right then and there
[01:00.81] There was something different about this girl
[01:06.16] The way she moved her hair, her face, her lines
[01:11.48] Divinity in motion As she stalked the room
[01:17.35] I could feel the aura of her presence every head turned feeling passion and lust
[02:38.86][01:22.59] the girl was persuasive, the girl i could not trust
[02:43.49][01:26.61] The girl was bad, the girl was dangerous
[01:30.88] I never knew but i was walking the line
[01:34.39] come go with me , I said i have no time
[01:38.89] She said don't you pretend we didn't talk on the phone
[01:42.92] My baby cried and left me standing alone , She's so dangerous.
[05:23.39][05:06.02][04:49.80][03:06.39][01:50.33] The girl is so dangerous, take away my money, throw away my time
[05:15.41][04:59.18][04:41.87][03:17.05][02:00.31] You can call me honey, but you're no down good for me.
[02:14.41] She came at me in sections with the eyes of desire
[02:18.59] I feel trapped into her web of sin, a touch , a kiss, a whisper of love
[02:28.56] I was at the point of no return
[02:30.90] Deep in the darjness of passion's insanity , I felt taken by lust's stranger, inhumanity
[02:47.55] I never knew but I was living in vain
[02:51.12] She called my house and said you know my name
[02:55.92] And don't you pretend , you never did me before, with tears in her eyes
[03:01.58] My baby walked out the door, She's so dangerous
[04:29.59][03:21.47] DANGEROUS!!!The girl is so dangerous.
[05:28.25][03:29.29] I have to pray to god, 'cause I know how lust can blind
[05:32.57][03:33.94] It's a passion in my soul , but you're no damn lover friend of mine
[03:56.28] I cannot sleep alone tonight, my baby left me here tonight
[04:04.42] I cannot cope 'til it's all right
[04:08.66] You and your mainpulation , you hurt my baby
[04:13.91] And then it happened , she touch me
[04:17.61] For the lips of a stranger woman, drop as a honey-comb
[04:21.13] And her mouth was smooth than oil , but her inner spirit and words were as sharp as a two-edged sward
[04:26.90] But I loved it, 'cause it's dangerous
[04:37.55] take away my money, throw away my time
[04:46.48] DANGEROUS!!!
[05:03.77] DANGEROUS!!!
[05:20.66] DANGEROUS!!!