50 Feet-A1JALHAS 50 Feet - A1JALHAS

50 Feet-A1JALHAS.mp3
[00:00.000] 作词 : Joseph Somers Morales [00:00.96...
[00:00.000] 作词 : Joseph Somers Morales
[00:00.969] 作曲 : Donald Tarpley/Joseph Somers Morales
[00:01.939]I'm holding everything that's mine
[00:02.937]You know it
[00:04.193]Popped a pill
[00:04.934]What's the deal
[00:06.689]I don't feel it anymore
[00:07.944]Popped, popped a pill
[00:08.686]What's that?
[00:10.941]You know I've been down on the floor
[00:12.692]I cried everyday
[00:14.132]You know this ain't real anymore
[00:16.629]It's a dream on the door
[00:18.638]It's a dream on the board
[00:20.381]It's the life you warned me
[00:22.377]Hold tighter
[00:24.129]Reminiscing on old times
[00:26.138]With my red lighter
[00:28.135]Said you'd feel it in your throat
[00:29.133]When I sing
[00:31.129]You know what I mean
[00:32.884]You know what I mean