Look At Me Now-Chris Brown Look At Me Now - Chris Brown

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[00:00.0]Look At Me Now (现在看着我) - Chris Brown...
[00:00.0]Look At Me Now (现在看着我) - Chris Brown (克里斯·布朗)
[00:03.57]I don't see how you can hate from outside of the club
[00:05.7]You can't even get in
[00:07.2]Ha ha ha Leggo
[00:13.08]Yellow model chick
[00:14.52]Yellow bottle sipping
[00:16.15]小酌ACE OF SPADES(顶级香槟)
[00:16.15]Yellow Lamborghini
[00:17.8]Yellow top missing
[00:19.91]Yeah yeah
[00:20.95]That sh*t look like a toupee
[00:22.95]I get what you get in ten years in two days
[00:26.48]老子两天赚的钱 够你奋斗十年了
[00:26.48]Ladies love me I'm on my Cool J
[00:29.82]女孩儿们都爱我 我就像是LLCOOL J(LADIES LOVE COOL JAMES)
[00:29.82]If you get what I get what would you say
[00:32.87]如果你拥有我所拥有的 你会说啥
[00:32.87]She wax it all off Mister Miyagi
[00:36.35]And them suicide doors Hari Kari
[00:39.55]开着双开门的豪车 你干脆切腹自杀吧
[00:39.55]Look at me now look at me now
[00:42.14]快看看我 快看看我
[00:42.14]Oh I'm getting paper
[00:46.06]哦 我大把大把赚钱
[00:46.06]Look at me now
[00:47.11]Oh look at me now
[00:48.85]哦 快看看我
[00:48.85]Yeah fresher than a motherf**ker
[00:52.32]耶 老子比谁都有范儿
[00:52.32]Lil ni**a bigger than gorilla
[00:53.22]'Cause I'm killing every ni**a that try to be on my sh*t
[00:55.61]Better cuff your chick if I want her I can get her
[00:57.41]最好看好你的** 因为我能轻松钓到她
[00:57.41]And she accidentally slip and fall on my dick
[00:58.9]然后她和我来了个 观音坐莲
[00:58.9]Oops I said on my dick
[01:00.59]I ain't really mean to say on my dick
[01:02.21]But since we talking about my dick
[01:03.85]All of you haters say hi to it
[01:05.54]I'm done
[01:06.88]好了 我说完了
[01:06.88]Ayo Breezy
[01:08.16]Let me show you how to keep the dice rolling
[01:09.44]When your doing that thing over there homie
[01:14.34]Let's go
[01:15.1]'Cause I feel like I'm running
[01:15.9]And I'm feeling like I gotta get away get away get away
[01:17.9]Better know that I don't and I won't ever stop
[01:19.88]'Cause you know I gotta win everyday day day go
[01:21.63]See they don't really wanna pop me
[01:23.12]Just know that you never flop me
[01:24.729996]And I know that I can be a little cocky
[01:26.59]You ain't never gonna stop me
[01:27.67]Every time I come a ni**a gotta set it
[01:28.88]我踏入这圈子 傻帽们都想设计我
[01:28.88]Then I gotta go and then I gotta get it
[01:30.2]但我如履平地 逐个击破
[01:30.2]Then I gotta blow
[01:30.85]And then I gotta shudder any little thing that ni**a think he be doing
[01:32.67]'Cause it doesn't matter 'cause I'm gonna dadadada
[01:34.5]Then I'm gonna murder every thing and anything a badaboom a badabing
[01:36.44]然后我将秒杀一切 干净利落
[01:36.44]I gotta do a lot of things to make it clearer to a couple niggas
[01:38.41]我还有很多事儿要做 但我们先澄清一点
[01:38.41]That I'm always winning and I gotta get it again
[01:39.59]Get it again get it again
[01:41.6]And I be doing it to death and now I move a little foul
[01:43.34]直到我死了都是 现在我要开始飙脏话了
[01:43.34]A ni**a better call a ref and everybody knows my style
[01:44.84]你最好自带一个裁判 所有人都知道我有快嘴
[01:44.84]And niggas know I'm the the best when it come to doing this
[01:46.59]也知道我是最牛的 当我开始Rap
[01:46.59]And I be banging on my chest
[01:47.509995]And I bang in the east and I'm banging in the west
[01:49.03]And I come to give you more and I will never give you less
[01:50.5]总能给你惊喜 不会让你失望
[01:50.5]You will hear it in the street or you can read it in the press
[01:52.28]你会在街上听到我的歌 或者在杂志上看到我
[01:52.28]Do you really wanna know what's next Let's go
[01:54.08]想知道接下来会发生什么吗?《LET'S GO》(指他的另一首快嘴说唱曲)
[01:54.08]See the way we on and we all up in the race and you know
[01:56.020004]我们一个个蓄势待发 当我们上场 你就会知道
[01:56.020004]We gotta go don't try to keep up with the pace
[01:57.270004]老子一飞冲天 别想跟上我的脚步(指他的说唱速度)
[01:57.270004]We struggling and hustling and sending it and getting it
[01:58.69]And always gotta take it to another place
[02:00.32]力求做到最好 来向更高处攀登
[02:00.32]Gotta taste it and I gotta grab it
[02:01.89]品味成功 好好把握机会
[02:01.89]And I gotta cut all through his traffic
[02:03.37]Just to be at the top of the throne
[02:04.97]只想要得到那宝座(THRONE:侃爷专辑《WATCH THE THRONE》)
[02:04.97]Better know I gotta have it have it
[02:07.66]你最好明白 我一定能拿下(《GOTTA HAVE》IT是其专辑第五首单曲)
[02:07.66]Look at me now look at me now
[02:10.25]快看看我 快看看我
[02:10.25]Oh I'm getting paper
[02:14.01]哦 我大把大把赚着票子
[02:14.01]Look at me now
[02:15.19]Oh look at me now
[02:16.73]哦 快看看我
[02:16.73]Yeah fresher than a motherf**ker
[02:20.02]耶 老子比谁都有范儿
[02:20.02]Man f**k these b**ch a** niggas how y'all doin'
[02:22.28]兄弟们 干掉这些娘娘腔 你们最近咋样?
[02:22.28]I'm Lil Tunechi I'm a nuisance
[02:24.01]我是小童奇 哥就讨人厌
[02:24.01]I go stupid I go dumb like the three stooges
[02:26.5]犯傻的我就像是3 stooges里面的傻子
[02:26.5]I don't eat sushi I'm the sh*t no
[02:28.06]我不吃寿司 我是个混蛋 喔 不
[02:28.06]I'm pollution no substitution
[02:29.79001]我是破坏王 前无古人后无来者
[02:29.79001]Got a b**ch that play in movies in my Jacuzzi p**sy juicy
[02:32.92]让妞儿在我浴缸里拍个片 湿身诱惑
[02:32.92]I never gave a f**k about a hater got money on my radar
[02:35.55]老子从不鸟那些黑子 老子只在意能赚多少钱
[02:35.55]Dress like a skater got a big house came with an elevator
[02:37.94]穿得像滑板达人 住着豪宅 当然得用电梯上下楼
[02:37.94]You niggas ain't eatin' f**k it tell a waiter
[02:39.70999]Marley said "Shoot 'em" and I said "Okay"
[02:41.23]Marley(贴身保镖)说毙了黑子 我说好啊
[02:41.23]If you wanted b******t then I'm like ole
[02:42.75]如果你还来坏我好事 我会让你后悔
[02:42.75]I don't care what you say so don't even speak
[02:44.45]老子不在乎你说啥 所以才懒得说话
[02:44.45]Your girlfriend a freak like Cirque Du Soleil
[02:46.17]你女朋友就像Cirque Du Soleil节目一样怪咖
[02:46.17]That's word to my flag and my flag red
[02:47.86]这些话献给我帮派旗帜 我来自血帮
[02:47.86]I'm out of my head b**ch I'm outta my mind from the bottom I climb
[02:50.37]我已经失去理智了 ** 我从底层一步步走向颠峰
[02:50.37]You ain't hotter than mine nope not on my time and
[02:51.98]你永远无法超过我 这是我的时代
[02:51.98]I'm not even trying
[02:52.59]What's poppin' Slime Nothin' five and if they trippin' f**k 'em five
[02:55.82]兄弟 你跳的啥舞 啥都不是 如果他们拉帮结派 血帮教他们做人(Five指五角星 血帮标志)
[02:55.82]I ain't got no time to shuck and jive
[02:57.92]These niggas as sweet as pumpkin pie
[02:59.35]Ciroc and Sprite on a private flight b**ch I been tight
[03:01.74]Since guiding light and my pockets white
[03:03.38]我在这圈子闪耀已久 口袋满满
[03:03.38]And my diamonds white
[03:04.2]And my mommas nice and my daddy's dead
[03:05.88]我的妈妈是优秀母亲 但我的父亲早已离去
[03:05.88]You fagots scared 'cause I'm too wild been here for a while
[03:08.43]I was like f**k trial I puts it down
[03:09.95]去他的监狱生活 老子早就出来了
[03:09.95]I'm so Young Money if you got eyes look at me now
[03:13.26]哥就是纨绔大少 如果你长了眼睛 就朝我这看
[03:13.26]Look at me now look at me now
[03:15.83]快看看我 快看看我
[03:15.83]Oh I'm getting paper
[03:19.79001]哦 老子大把大把赚着票子
[03:19.79001]Look at me now
[03:20.91]Oh look at me now
[03:22.52]哦 快看看我
[03:22.52]Yeah I'm fresher than a motherf**ker
[03:28.89]耶 老子比谁都有范儿
[03:28.89]Okay okay
[03:35.02]好吧 好吧
[03:35.02]Is that right
[03:37.55]I'm fresher than a motherf**ker