null - K1
作词 : K1
作曲 : K1
So i've just been uhmm
placed in situations that are very heartbreaking
as far as like people period 
so and they disappoint me 
it makes me feel horrible 
and it takes my very soul out of me 
he breaks my ****ing heart 
so i dont want, 
I dont know man,
it's hard to explain,
it's hard to explain.
 When you feel, 
you know what it feels like to feel for somebody 
and when you have this genuine,genuine feeling
 that you get from somebody 
and you get make that person your source of happiness.
obviously it becomes like a 
they become your drug,
you know what i'm saying.
this girl became like my drug.

Please don't break my heart 
Don't tear me apart 
I know how it stars 
Trust me i've been broken before 
Please don't break my heart