Pretty Boy - M2M

Pretty Boy-M2M.mp3
[00:25.67]I lie awake at night
[00:30.94]See things in black and white
[00:36.47]I've only got you inside my mind
[00:41.91]You know you have made me blind
[00:47.66]I lie awake and pray
[00:52.81]That you will look my way
[00:58.14]I have all this longing in my heart
[01:03.97]I knew it right from the start
[01:11.31][02:45.19][03:51.19]Oh my pretty pretty boy I love you
[01:16.31][02:50.31][03:56.42]Like I never ever loved no one before you
[01:23.82][02:57.30][04:03.62]Pretty pretty boy of mine
[01:27.11][03:01.00][04:07.41]Just tell me you love me too
[01:33.61][03:07.02][04:13.43]Oh my pretty pretty boy I need you
[01:38.66][03:12.26][04:18.58]Oh my pretty pretty boy I do
[01:44.45][03:17.94][04:24.10]Let me inside
[01:47.20][03:20.81][04:27.08]Make me stay right beside you
[02:02.21]I used to write your name
[02:07.35]And put it in a frame
[02:13.15]And sometime I think I hear you call
[02:18.55]Right from my bedroom wall
[02:24.19]You stay a little while
[02:29.49]And touch me with your smile
[02:35.03]And what can I say to make you mine
[02:40.80]To reach out for you in time
[03:40.16]Oh pretty boy , pretty boy , pretty boy
[03:46.94]Say you love me too