young for you(翻自 GALA) - YAYA.ZHANG,Amo

young for you(翻自 GALA) -YAYA.ZHANG,Amo.mp3
[00:00.000] 作词 : 苏朵 [00:01.000] 作曲 : 苏朵 [0...
[00:00.000] 作词 : 苏朵
[00:01.000] 作曲 : 苏朵
[00:17.945]Sunday's coming i wanna drive my car
[00:21.634]to your apartment with a present like a star
[00:25.819]forecaster said the weathers may be rainy hard
[00:29.696]but i know the sun will shine for us
[00:32.805]oh lazy seagull fly me from the dark
[00:36.720]i dress my jeans and feed my monkey banana
[00:40.882]then i think my age how old,skyline how far
[00:44.529]where we need each other in california
[00:48.193]you show me your body before night comes down
[00:51.830]i touch your face and promise to stay ever-young
[00:55.730]on this ivory beach we kissed so long
[00:59.380]it seems that passion's never gone
[01:02.984]you sing me your melody and i feel so please
[01:06.893]i want you to want me to keep your dream
[01:10.542]together we'll run wild by a summer symphony
[01:16.034]this is what we enjoyed not a fantasy