Love - John Lennon,The Plastic Ono Band

Love-John Lennon,The Plastic Ono Band.mp3
[00:36.890]Love is real, [00:42.940]real is love [...
[00:36.890]Love is real,
[00:42.940]real is love
[00:48.930]Love is feeling,
[00:54.700]feeling love
[01:00.630]Love is wanting to be loved
[01:12.650]Love is touch,
[01:18.370]touch is love
[01:24.330]Love is reaching,
[01:30.220]reaching love
[01:36.460]Love is asking to be loved
[01:48.600]Love is you
[01:53.539]You and me
[01:59.370]Love is knowing
[02:05.180]We can be
[02:11.540]Love is free,
[02:17.150]free is love
[02:23.110]Love is living,
[02:28.900]living love
[02:34.850]Love is needing
[02:40.740]to be loved