Tearz - Wu-Tang Clan

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[00:00.000] 作词 : Wu-Tang Clan [00:35.53]Yo check...
[00:00.000] 作词 : Wu-Tang Clan
[00:35.53]Yo check yo yo check the script
[00:38.88]Me and the gods get it ripped
[00:40.83]Blunts in the dip forty dogs in my lip
[00:43.25]Had a box boom boom the bass will blast
[00:45.82]We was laughing at all the girls that passed
[00:48.41]Conversation brothers had begin to discuss
[00:51.01]Hey yo Ra remember that kid ya bust
[00:53.61]Aw yeah he ran but he didn't get far
[00:56.21]Cause I dropped him he he he he he ha
[00:58.99]Not knowing exactly what lied ahead
[01:01.47]My little brother my mother sent him out for bread
[01:04.11]Get the wonder it's a hot day in the summer
[01:06.72]Didn't expect to come across a crazy gunner
[01:09.48]Hey shorty check it for the bag and the dough
[01:12.05]But he was brave looked him in the eye and said no
[01:14.52]Money splattered him bow then he snatched the bag
[01:17.15]In his pockets then he jetted up the ave
[01:19.93]Girls screaming the noise up and down the block
[01:22.38]Hey rake em what your little brother got shot
[01:24.92]I ran frantically then I dropped down to his feet
[01:27.67]I saw the blood all over he hot concrete
[01:30.28]I picked him up then I held him by his head
[01:33.01]His eyes shut that's when I knew he was
[01:35.83]Aw man how do I say goodbye
[01:38.41]It's always the good ones who have to die
[01:40.94]Memories in the corner of my mind
[01:43.95]Flashbacks I was laughing all the time
[01:46.24]I taught him all about the bees and birds
[01:48.75]But I wish I had a chance to sing these three words
[02:01.55]Me and my man my ace big Moe from the shelter
[02:04.54]Bout to hit the skins from this girl named Thelma
[02:07.07]Now Thelma had a rep that was higher than her neck
[02:09.64]Every girl from Havoline dissed her respect
[02:12.24]We was shimmy you know how it is when you're blitzed
[02:14.85]Three o'clock in the morning something got to give
[02:17.55]Moe said he'll go first I said I'll take next
[02:20.15]Here take this raincoat and practice safe ***
[02:22.87]He seemed to ignore I said be for real
[02:25.53]She's not even worth it to go raw deal
[02:28.05]A man's gonna do what a man's gonna do
[02:30.69]He got butt naked and stuck the power u
[02:33.24]Twenty minutes went by my man went out without a doubt
[02:35.90]I'm not pumping up I am air in out
[02:38.65]Hey yo he came out laughing with glory
[02:41.02]I'm surprised he's still living to tell his story
[02:44.00]But he carried on with the same old stuff
[02:46.41]With Stephanie like a whammy he pressed his luck
[02:49.07]Both tried to be down with opp
[02:51.44]Ain't nutting wrong but he got caught with the HIV now
[02:54.29]No life to live doc says two more years
[02:56.90]So after the laughter I guess comes the tears