Gimme×Gimme(翻自 八王子P) - KBShinya,哦漏

Gimme×Gimme(翻自 八王子P)-KBShinya,哦漏.mp3
[00:00.000] 作词 : 无 [00:01.000] 作曲 : 无 [00:09...
[00:00.000] 作词 : 无
[00:01.000] 作曲 : 无
[00:09.564]“Are you free tonight?"
[00:11.811]Called from you now
[00:18.560]I've been waiting…
[00:20.814]This weekend night!!
[00:27.565]I 'll be drown in libido,
[00:28.316]and be weak to the impulse, so,
[00:30.559]Maybe you could let that secret weapon show~
[00:33.061]Take it slo~ow,
[00:34.566]Ah, I might still be a little bit zoned...
[00:50.815]距離で思考すら奪って 探り当てて
[01:11.251]I just Gimme×Gimme
[01:29.501]シャバダバダ ドゥビドゥビドゥ
[01:31.748]The movie comes to an end and now credits roll,
[01:33.750]Your name scrolls,
[01:34.500]Nails dig to my soul
[01:36.252]The night never ends, feeling brand new;
[01:38.249]Still pretending we don’t know what we do
[01:41.003]Don’t leave me begging for more
[01:43.000]Where else can I find a love this pure?
[01:45.250]That unattached, raunchy, raw ardour -
[01:47.752]Give me what I need, babe!
[01:54.753]距離で思考すら奪って 貫いてって
[02:12.749]火照る心の 隙間埋めて
[02:33.502]I just Wanna×Wanna
[02:54.500]其の場凌ぎ以上の 余計なこと言っちゃいそうな
[03:03.504]あざやかに彩って forget what I just said
[03:08.003]この世界を照らすような actually. don't forget
[03:12.501]満たす体温 最後まで please don't forget??? lifetime
[03:26.003]don't wanna go home
[03:28.254]but I have to
[03:30.750]he is coming now
[03:32.753]Maybe next time