Nothing Really Matters - Mr. Probz
Nothing Really Matters-Mr. Probz.mp3
[00:13.71][03:03.17]Well she's OK
[00:15.52][03:04.98]And I'm all right
[00:17.18][03:06.66]When she's awake
[00:18.86][03:08.45]I'm up all night
[00:20.78][00:24.24][00:38.36][01:45.50][01:48.97][03:10.24][03:13.63]Nothing really matters
[00:27.73]I see her face
[00:29.51]And in my mind
[00:31.28]I seize the day
[00:32.43]Whenever she's nearby
[00:34.47]It's like nothing really matters
[00:41.92][01:52.52]She completes me
[00:43.66][01:54.28]How she reads me
[00:45.50][01:56.11]Right or wrong
[00:49.03][01:59.75]It's so clear she
[00:50.67][02:01.42]Saw that I need
[00:52.50][02:03.17]Her like me
[00:55.91][00:59.52][01:09.97][01:13.48]I know what it feels like
[02:06.64][02:10.08][02:20.68][02:24.15]I know what it feels like
[01:02.92][02:13.63]Swimming through the stars when I see her
[01:06.45][02:17.22]And I don't need air cause I breathe her
[01:18.77][01:20.64][02:29.47][02:31.68]I breathe her
[01:23.26][02:33.94]Every time I see her
[01:30.51][02:41.07][02:48.18][02:55.24]Every time I see her, oh
[01:38.62]When I'm lost
[01:40.20]And need a sign
[01:41.86]She leads the way
[01:43.64]And I'll be fine