The Memory Machine - Julia Stone

The Memory Machine-Julia Stone.mp3
[00:12.10]I miss you [00:16.82]and the memory mach...
[00:12.10]I miss you
[00:16.82]and the memory machine
[00:23.15]And the factory where we make something of dreams
[00:35.18]And we wandered around your streets
[00:41.47]With sewn on button eyes
[00:48.11]our ears become our memories
[00:54.13]The blind loving the blind
[01:00.01]And our voices become our fingers
[01:05.12]And you touched me with your song
[01:11.41]You touched me all night long
[01:24.20]I miss you
[01:36.41]I miss you
[01:40.92]And the memory machine
[01:48.07]making whiskey from the things
[01:54.18]We no longer need and you kissed me
[02:04.92]But I was too drunk to really know
[02:11.31]That you loved me
[02:17.51]enough to watch me go
[02:24.18]I miss you