苏维埃进行曲x红警 - Various Artists

苏维埃进行曲x红警-Various Artists.mp3
[00:00.000] 作词 : Riza Freeman,Phillip White [0:0...
[00:00.000] 作词 : Riza Freeman,Phillip White
[00:05.572]尤里X: I'm here.
[00:06.297]动员兵: Conscript reporting.
[00:07.266]灰熊坦克: Unit Reporting.
[00:08.334]美国大兵: Sir. Yes, sir.
[00:09.487]防空步兵: Orders, comrade?
[00:10.463]尤里新兵: I understand.
[00:11.371]超时空军团兵: Yes, commander.
[00:12.500]犀牛坦克: Moving.
[00:13.689]超时空突击队: A little C4 knockin' at your door!
[00:15.834]基洛夫空艇: Kirov reporting.
[00:17.620]镭射幽浮: Disk in flight.
[00:19.895]盟军助理伊娃: Establishing battlefield control, stand by.
[00:23.500]苏军助理索菲娅: Battle control online.
[00:26.442]尤里新兵: Focusing energy.
[00:28.713]磁暴步兵: Two thousand volts coming up.
[00:33.100]美国大兵: Let's do it!
[00:33.947]动员兵: For the Union!
[00:37.519]重装大兵: He's mine.
[00:41.131]火箭飞行兵: I can go anywhere.
[00:44.973]防空履带车: Flak them down!
[00:45.955]火箭飞行兵: There's too much flak!
[00:48.864]疯狂伊文: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
[00:53.017]尤里(RA2原版): Look deeply into my eyes.
[00:59.591]谭雅: Ha ha ha ha ha ha
[01:00.462]武装直升机: Give them some pepper.
[01:02.703]心灵控制器: Be one with Yuri.
[01:05.460]犀牛坦克: We will bury them!
[01:08.881]V3导弹发射车: Sending air mail!
[01:12.398]基洛夫空艇: Bombardiers to your stations!
[01:17.346]天启坦克: It will soon be a wasteland.
[01:20.267]光棱坦克: Calculating reflection arcs.
[01:24.543]入侵者战机: Instruments locked on.
[01:28.981]武装直升机: Mayday! Mayday!
[01:30.315]战斗要塞: Charge!!
[01:32.944]超时空军团兵: They're history.
[01:39.954]驱逐舰: Speed to full.
[01:40.910]海蝎: Running high.
[01:41.887]菁英战斗兵(鲍里斯): Die, traitorous dogs!
[01:43.829]尤里复制人: They will obey.
[01:44.911]平民: This is scary.
[01:45.842]间谍: On my way.
[01:47.776]病毒狙击手: Taste my venom.
[01:48.759]奴隶: Whatever you say.
[01:49.710]谭雅(RA2原版): Let's get to it.
[01:52.344]尤里X: Come to Yuri.
[01:53.007]米格战机: MiGs on the way.
[01:53.577]幻影坦克: Time for an ambush.
[02:03.576]狂兽人: I will brake you.
[02:07.472]镭射幽浮: Laser beam ready.
[02:11.494]盖特坦克: Let the bullets fly!
[02:13.169]盟军工程师: Get me outta here!!
[02:15.271]雷鸣潜艇: They'll never see it coming.
[02:19.143]坦克杀手: Let's see who's tougher!
[02:23.049]辐射工兵: It will be a silent spring!
[02:27.056]恐怖分子: FOR THE REPUBLIC!! Ahhhhkakakakaka!
[02:31.315]狙击手: He's a dead man.
[02:46.880]尤里助理: Mission Accompanished.
[02:51.000]参考: Bilibili弹幕 & CNC Wiki